Jackets never fitting my arms.

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.” – Jim Henson

Hey, I’m Louise! I am a producer, facilitator and experience designer that is driven by community and how to bring out the inner child in all of us.

I explore this through my podcast The Recess Life where I have conversations with psychologists, evolutionary biologists, Academy Award nominees, former American Idol contestants and more about lifelong play and how it can make our world a better place.

If that wasn’t enough nerding out I have my Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Those are fancy words to say that I studied the science of well-being and human flourishing under some of the most brilliant people and researchers. And now all I want to do is share this stuff with everyone – it’s a real burden to bear.

As the the owner and lead producer of Gemlike, we work with social good organizations to produce their conferences, convenings and content. We have worked with organizations like the End Well Project, the Wikimedia Foundation and Kiva. My background and education has given me a unique insight into the power of community and shared transformational experiences.

I reside in the Bay Area, California but feel at home anywhere with delicious Asian food, a long walk in nature and a good podcast. In my free time I am a movement practitioner with Bay Area Movement Practice where I get to bumble around like the big kid I am.

Wanna work together? I thought you’d never ask!

I am available to work with organizations and individuals in a variety of capacities. Here are some examples of how we can work together:

  • Locomotion – Experiential workshops that incorporate the power of positive psychology, movement and play (this is perfect for offsites and retreats!).
  • Events and experience design that prioritize community and connections.
  • Workshops, curriculum and/or trainings that further your organization’s initiatives from the perspective of positive psychology, play and/or community

Just reach out at or fill out this form to let me know how I can support you.

I sincerely wish that you find something here that sparks you to think about how play can be a positive force in your life. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast and follow along on Instagram to get bits of inspiration from me about play.

I would love to stay connected and share when new episodes are released as well as other fun surprises about play, creativity and inspiration. Just enter your email below!

Oh, and if anyone EVER tells you to grow up, just send them to me 🙂

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