Day 2 (and new episode!)

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This past weekend I decided to catch-up on my podcasts while painting my room. (I finally had enough of my chalky stained walls after 11 years).​


I turned on Unlocking Us, the podcast hosted by Brené Brown, an amazing writer, thought leader and speaker who researches vulnerability and shame.


In her newest episode she talked about the concept of Day 2. Day 2 is the messy middle of any transformative process or story.


That wall you hit during a marathon? Day 2.


The excruciating slump in energy during the second day in a three-day training? Day 2.


The writer’s block you get in the middle of writing that book? Day 2.


The thrashing resistance of being in a pandemic? Day 2.


My pandemic Day 2 hit me last month. I had a number of things not go according to plan but where I’m usually pretty nimble at bouncing back, it was a struggle.


This month I am slowly clawing my way out of Day 2 and allowing myself to sit with whatever feelings are coming up in the process (not easy for an Enneagram 7 like me that just wants to feel happy allllll the timeeeee).

I’m taking little steps like:

  • getting back into my fitness routine
  • breaking down big to-do list items into the tiniest steps, like teeeeeennnnny
  • having comedy on in the background instead of my usual introspective personal development podcast and NOT feeling guilty about it (with the exception of Unlocking Us, lol)

Are you in your Day 2? Are you doing anything to claw your way out?

A couple fun things to share:

Play in the New York Times: My friend and play colleague, Jeff Harry, was recently featured in a New York Times article about play. It’s so amazing to see play get attention in mainstream media.

One of my favorite quotes: “we have to let go of the idea that we can’t feel both playful in the moment and anxious about the state of the world. The idea isn’t to ignore your negative feelings but to give yourself permission to feel joy alongside the negativity.” Check out the article: How to Add More Play to Your Grown-Up Life, Even Now

New episode! Part of what I’ll be doing to get back into the swing of my life is to take (virtual) dance classes again and move my body more in a way that feels GOOD. It’s super appropriate that I am starting season four of The Recess Life podcast with this episode: Born to Dance with Peter Lovatt.

Peter is a former professional dancer, psychologist, writer and keynote speaker that is changing the way we look at dance in our culture. We talked about:

  • getting in touch with that natural inclination to dance from childhood
  • how he was able to overcome illiteracy in his 20’s with a playful approach to learning
  • how the fear judgment from others holds us back from being our true selves

You can find the episode on all platforms (iTunesSpotify and YouTube). If this episode resonated with you in any way I would love to hear about it! Shoot me a response or a DM on Instagram.

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