Release of Tears

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Last week I was glued to ABC News and social media. Everytime the electoral college map changed I felt a pang of hope or panic.

When the announcement was made on Saturday a release of tears came streaming down my face. Cheering erupted in the streets and pretty soon people were celebrating and dancing in the streets of San Francisco.

While I am hopeful that our country will move towards positive change with a new President, I know others feel discouraged by the outcome whether it’s because the election was closer than it should be or they are on the “other side.”

(If you are one of those that feel discouraged I’m sorry to hear that but also…let’s have a chat if you support Trump.)

I tore myself away from the news to edit this newest episode and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

This week’s episode is with a legend in the world of play: Gwen Gordon. Gwen is an Emmy award winner, author and speaker and she thinks about play in a revolutionary, world-changing way – in a way that gives me hope that it’s possible for divisions to be narrowed and collective joy to come through.

What will create a world where we see each other as beautiful play mates and not enemies? What’s it going to take to live in a world that feels life-sustaining and playful for everyone?

We explore these questions and more in the latest episode with Gwen Gordon. Here are the other places you can find it:

I hope Gwen’s words give you some comfort and hope. Make sure you are giving yourself a break as we go into this weekend.

PS. If you are looking for a clear, calm and concise way to digest news I recommend Jessica Yellin’s Instagram. I pretty much stick with her feed and stories for my news.

PPS. I am featured in my friend Bradley Charbonneau’s upcoming book, Play which will be releaased on November 17! Bradley is one of the most prolific writers and creators I know and it’s an honor to be included.

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