S1 E3: Coloring Outside The Lines with Nailah Blades Wylie

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Imagine feeling like you don't belong in the very place that we should all feel welcome to play: the great outdoors. Nailah Blades Wylie created Color Outside to give women of color the safe space to experience outdoor adventures.  After feeling disconnected from herself when she moved to Salt Lake City and stuck in the business she created, Nailah decided to reconnect to herself by exploring the abundance of natural beauty in her backyard. Before she knew it she was leading other women of color on adventures and a new business was born. I had such a blast talking with Nailah about her journey, the power of playing outside and the importance of women of color feeling welcome in the outdoors.
Fun fact: 8 years ago I was feeling super stuck in my life and I googled "quarterlife crisis." A blog and online course for women dealing with their quarterlife crisis popped up and I signed up right away. The creator of the blog and course was none other than Nailah! She was my first and only life coach and we became friends IRL over the years. So glad that quarterlife crisis was good for something!

We talk about:

  • Nailah's path from corporate career, to life coach, to marketing agency CEO to the founder of a company that creates outdoor adventures for women of color.
  • Why play should be non-negotiable, especially for woman of color
  • Why changing course in your life is not flaky
  • How she went from feeling stuck to combining her passions into the business she has today with Color Outside
  • Why the outdoors are for everyone and not just "bad asses"

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