S1 E4: The Art of Inquiring Within with Jenny Feinberg

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A few years ago, Jenny Feinberg found herself at the crux of a forced turning point in her life. The coworking business and community she had built of hundreds of San Francisco creatives was closing. Prior to starting the business, her 10 year career in politics, which included working for the Biden and Clinton Senate offices, ended abruptly.
When her career in politics ended she made a promise to herself that she was going to live a life of inquiry - which meant that, no matter how crazy, she would follow the inner whispers of her heart. So...she turned to watercolor painting to cope with the loss of the coworking business. She didn't know where painting was going to take her but something told her that this was going to be her new path.
These days, Jenny is a full-time watercolor painter who exhibits and sells art primarily through getting the word out through her Instagram account. And she is only just at the beginning! I was a part of this co-working community she had created and it's been super inspiring to see how her art career has blossomed from a huge turning point. I interviewed Jenny at her art studio that she was using to paint for her upcoming exhibit and it was so fun to be in her creative space.

We talk about:

  • Jenny's desire to serve and how that led to her career in politics and eventually as an artist
  • Getting on the path of inquiry about your life as soon as possible and not turning back
  • How being creative doesn't mean giving up stability in your life altogether
  • How she deals with snags in the creative process
  • Some of the odd jobs she worked while practicing her craft as an artist, which included being the nanny for a family of a teen hearthrob!
  • Why it isĀ vital to make bad art
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