S1 E5: Creativity as an Equalizer with Adam Rosendahl

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When Adam Rosendahl was 13 years old he attended a youth camp that changed his life. The camp was called The Power of Hope. His heart was blown wide open by the experience of connecting to 75 other young people of all backgrounds through the arts. He was particularly impacted by the power of the camp facilitators to use creativity to equalize and create connection with his fellow participants. This experience would be the guiding light that would eventually shape his business, Late Nite Art.
Late Nite Art is a 90 minute experience that uses the arts, facilitated discussions and play to help teams within organizations meaningfully connect. Whether the participants are probation officers, quantum physicists or employees of a tech company the Late Nite Art experience allows for all individuals to come out from behind their labels and meaningfully connect.
We talk about:
  • His experience of going through a summer camp as a child that influenced his path of what he would become
  • How play and the arts create an equalizing space so that people from all backgrounds can meaningfully connect
  • The importance of having people around you that see your highest potential
  • Keeping a creative practice by making it super accessible to the way you live your life. (You can draw and doodle on your morning commute. Don't make it difficult to be creative!)
  • The power of creativity to help you internally reflect
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