S1 E9 | Games for Change with Susanna Pollock

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Back when I was a kid playing Nintendo Mario, if you would've told me that video games could be used as a tool for positive change I would have looked at you very confused. There's no doubt that video games and immersive digital technologies like VR and AR can entertain and take us to another world but our guest today believes they can also make positive change in people and within organizations.

Susanna Pollock is the President of Games for Change, the leading games advocate for the power of games as drivers for social impact. She works with organizations to further their mission and make a bigger impact through digital games. We got into a great conversation about games and its potential to make meaningful change at every level. We talked about how she would respond to criticism that video games have a negative impact on society and how we can think of games differently to make change in our OWN life.
We talk about
  • Susanna's story of realizing her passion for storytelling and media early on in her life (and not ever giving up on it!).
  • The potential of video games and immersive technologies to: transfer knowledge, teach empathy, build awareness and  build cognitive development
  • How we can all use games to improve our lives or reach a goal
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