S2 E3 | Play to Learn with Peter Gray

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Play and learning is seen as being at odds with each other in our society. In school there is play/recess time and then there was be-quiet-and-sit-in-your-seats learning time. Since the 1950's there has been a decline in play for kids at school and at home and one might think that this is a good thing. Dr. Peter Gray sees it a different way. In his book Free to Learn he talks about the conditions in which kids need to learn and this one is my favorite: unlimited time to play and explore. He talks about his own experience taking his son out of the traditional schooling system and a concept called self-directed education. After watching his Tedx talk and reading Free to Learn I knew I had to have Dr. Gray on to to talk more about play and learning.

We talk about:
  • The conditions kids need in order to learn best
  • Why self- directed learning is the best way that kids learn
  • Why screens and devices should NOT be looked upon negatively or taken away from kids
  • The consequences of a society where play continues to be on the decline
  • Why it's important to always do what you love
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