S2 E4 | Creating Your Own Box with Morgan Jay

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Bossanova. Classical Piano. Guitar. Old school R&B music. Theater. Comedy. All of these things and more have been a part of Morgan Jay's creative journey and have influenced his eclectic career. These days Morgan is on the rise as a comedian and musician, recently appearing on NBC’s Bring the Funny as a semifinalist. All these different experiments helped him eventually arrive at his unique style of performance that he has today. And throughout his career, Morgan has experienced people not understanding him and trying to fit him in a box.  If you are also a creative, playful person you may experience people trying to fit you into a mold and categorize you. You may even experience people (gasp) not liking you! How do you deal with these dynamics as your career rises as an entertainer or creative?

We talk about:
  • Exploring lots of different creative outlets to find the craft that feels most authentic to you.
  • Taking time to play without an agenda.
  • Dealing with critics that want to put you in a box.
  • Practicing play and creativity when you feel the pressures of success
  • Doing creative work step by step
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