S2 E8 | Following Your Dreams at any Age with Paula Ayotte

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When you get to be in your mid-50's what do you imagine your life will look like? Will you be excited to be closer to retirement so that you can finally sit around and watch re-runs of The Office? Will you look back and regret not having followed your heart and lived the life that you truly desire? 57-year old Paula Ayotte is not doing any of those things. A few months ago she quit her job as a marine scientist and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a dancer (after not training for 20+ years). She has since appeared on The Ellen Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show and booked a number of modeling and commercial gigs. She is working harder than she ever has but is joyfully living a life of play. If you have ever said that you are too old to follow your dreams, try that hobby, put yourself out there or PLAY in any way. this episode is for you!

We talk about:

  • What it was like to take the big leap of leaving her wonderful life in Hawaii as a marine scientist to pursue her dream
  • Why it's vital to be MORE comfortable with discomfort as you age
  • What she says to anyone that feels they are too old to pursue their calling
  • How her age is a unique advantage in the world of dance and how we can see our "disadvantages" the same way.
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