S4E1 | Born to Dance with Peter Lovatt

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You are born to dance. Yes, you. Think about it. As babies we wiggle about and giggle when we hear music that piques our curiosity. No one teaches us how to do that - we just know! So why do we grow up and become balls of anxiety when we see a dance floor? Dr. Peter Lovatt's work in dance and psychology explores that question. He is a former professional dancer, psychologist, author and keynote speaker who is leading the way for us to look at dance differently in our culture. We had a wonderful conversation that expanded beyond dance and into the way creativity and the arts are valued in education and our society. If I ever feel guilty for having a solo dance party in my room I will listen to this conversation to remind myself again that I am just doing what I was born to do. In this conversation

We talk about
  • dance as innate and natural in all of us
  • teaching himself how to read in his 20's and how dance helped him with that.
  • how the education system did not nurture him as a creative person and dancer
  • the fear of judgment from others that holds us back
  • the stories we tell about ourselves that keep us stuck
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