S4 E6 | Playing with Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is upon us and some of us are having trouble finding gratitude this year. I don't blame you AT ALL. It would be easy to brush off finding gratitude as a silly tradition and one that is unnecessary this year but I want to offer a different perspective. In this episode I share some science and studies on the importance of gratitude and a different way to approach it than your daily "5 Things to be Grateful for" list. I help you to think of gratitude as a fun playful activity and where to find the opportunities in our constraints this holiday season.

Mentioned in this episode and resources from today's episode
How to write your letters of gratitude (love notes)
  • For the next week write a letter each day to someone who you are grateful for that has made a positive impact in your life. This doesn't have to be a close friend. It could be the barista that made your coffee this morning and put you in the best mood with their kindness. If you are having trouble thinking of someone on a day write a letter to an object or concept that has brought you joy this year. Examples from me: ukulele, pullup bar, comfy paperbag pants, my health.
  • Set a timer for five minutes and get out your journal and a pen
  • Write for five minutes straight without stopping about why you are grateful for this person or item. Include qualities about them and how they/it has positively impacted you. Get into the feeling of the words you are writing.
  • When you are done read the words back out loud as if you were reading this letter to them. Make it fun and silly if you feel inclined. Observe your internal state and feelings after your write and read this letter.
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