S4 E7 | Embodiment and Play with Shawnrey Notto

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When Shawnrey Notto describes embodiment, it sounds like it has a lot in common with play: engaging the senses, feeling fully alive, savoring every moment. Yet most of us understand play as a concept way more than embodiment. In this episode,  I speak with Shawnrey, a sex and intimacy coach and dancer about how embodiment and play are interconnected and how both are key to feeling fully alive. How can we feel good when a lot of our worldly pleasures have been stripped away from the pandemic? Embodiment might just be the answer.

In this episode we talk about:
  • The definition of embodiment and how it relates to play
  • How Shawnrey came to discover embodiment through trauma
  • How to feel embodied when we are isolated during a pandemic
  • The challenges that come with culture's conflation of sensuality and sexuality
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