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My mom and I walked out of IKEA with a new trash can, four plates and a dish-drying mat. After three hours. THREE HOURS.

I was helping my parents move into their new house in northern California and I HAD PLANS.

I had them make a list of things we needed to get done each day. If we were going to disrupt my routine (because my routine was SO important) we better make it worth it.

They had different ideas. They wanted to handle this transition at their own pace. They wanted to browse at a few stores first (like IKEA) before making any major purchase decisions. They wanted to take their time.

I was so determined to move MY plan forward that I was missing the opportunity to be present with them.

The last couple days I finally chilled out and let myself be in the moment with what they needed. Sometimes that meant helping them with changing over their addresses online, organizing their kitchen or watching an episode of The Price is Right.

In other words, I adopted a mindset of play. I gave space for plans to ebb and flow and to enjoy the moment even if we didn’t accomplish whatever goal I had in mind for getting them moved in. Is there anywhere you could stand to let go of your agenda and be in the present moment?

For the podcast this week I talked to another person that knows a thing or two about transitions. If you were alive in 2004 you may remember the infamous audition of William Hung on American Idol.

Here’s a reminder if you need one.

William became an overnight celebrity and was thrown into the spotlight. Not all of the attention he received from the public was positive but William managed to keep a happy attitude through it all.

He said to the American Idol judges when he didn’t make it through to the next round, “I already tried my best. I have no regrets.”

In this episode William and I talked about how he has navigated the ups and downs of the attention he gets, his career and venturing back out into the public eye.

Check out this episode of The Recess Life with William Hung. Here are the other places you can find it:

Enjoy and may we all handle transitions with the same kind of positive attitude as William and say, “I have no regrets.”

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